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The storied past and celebrated future of this Bar Harbor hotel

Acadia National Park and the city of Bar Harbor, Maine located on Mount Desert Island, have a long and storied history as a vacation getaway. American Indians had been summering in the Acadian region for hundreds of years before the area was discovered by Champlain in 1604. By the mid 1800s Mount Desert Island became popularized through artist renderings of the island's beautiful mountains and seascapes. Then called Eden, Bar Harbor became the premier resort destination for Victorian men and women of wealth and influence.

Tragically, on October 17, 1947 an island-wide fire that lasted more than four weeks destroyed 18,000 acres of countryside on the island. Many of the summer mansions were destroyed. The scarred landscape kept many visitors from returning. But, in the years following this tragic event, Bar Harbor, Maine began to rebuild and take on its current look.

Bar Harbor, Maine is again a popular summer vacation destination with many retail shops, restaurants, artisans and family activities. More than 50 years after the devastating fire, Mount Desert Island has regrown to such beauty and natural splendor to make Acadia National Park the second most visited park in the U.S. You can still explore the many miles of carriage trails originally created by John D. Rockefeller back in the 1920s. Whether you drive, explore on foot, by bike or horse and carriage the park offers a fantastic landscape of mountains, ocean and forest like no other.

The site of the Harborside Hotel & Marina, formerly known as The Golden Anchor Inn, traces its heritage back to the early 1900s. Previously known as "Peanut Row" because of its grouping of small shops, the Golden Anchor was built during Bar Harbor's restoration period after the fire of 1947.

Now located directly next to the Bar Harbor Club, previously the town's exclusive Victorian style premier resort, The Harborside Hotel & Marina recently completed a multi-mullion dollar redevelopment in conjunction with the complete restoration of The Bar Harbor Club.